Besson was founded in 1963. In December 2013 it became part of the Nawi Group. Over 50 years Besson has acquired solid experience in the design and manufacture of complex boiler work parts. Besson guarantees extreme safety for the use of its equipment under gas, vapour or liquid pressure. A vision that claims the excellence of French industrial sheet metal working for the biggest French and international projects. It is this vision that encouraged Besson to join the Nawi Group. This strategic alliance offers a wider scope of intervention: engineering, maintenance, on site assembly, Project assistance, and a wider range of products.

The Besson teams are keen to take up the challenge of unique parts, such as a pressure unit for the nuclear propulsion system on the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier.

From unique parts to small runs

80% of manufactured parts are unique and produced for exceptional sites. These parts require analysis, feasibility studies, advice to decision-makers and a high level of technicality that sometimes only Besson can provide.

Besson can also produce small runs of recurring products: chimney heads, pressure valves, autoclaves, industrial desalination units, etc. In these cases a framework contract makes it possible to plan a strictly repeatable production and to benefit from economy of scale.

Production capacity

Besson has a 3000 m2 shop floor and can produce single parts weighing up to 10 tonnes.
The parts can be produced in thicknesses from 1 to 12 mm for shaping and sheet metal work, and up to 100 mm for welding work (on all types of metal). The shop floor can process parts of a surface area of up to 15 metres.

Solidly anchored values

Because Besson’s values give
its customers added value.
Besson is not just an exceptional
subcontractor, it is also a partner
for your projects.

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