Besson provides a wide range
of services other than
sheet metal part production.

Besson l'expert de la chaudronnerie lourde
On site assembly

Besson can work on order to assemble the different manufactured elements on its customers' industrial sites. Connections and interfacing are guaranteed up to the load test.

Faites appel à Besson pour vos projets de chaudronnerie

Besson offers maintenance contracts for its parts, especially parts with a known service life or for which standards require regular inspections (aeronautical, nuclear, shipping, etc.). This framework contract increases the reliability, safety and forecast management of sheet metal work functional units.

Besson l'expert de la chaudronnerie lourde

Equipped with high efficiency machine-tools, Besson can machine parts to order: for new parts, repairs, retrofit or pilot versions.

Besson spécialiste de la chaudronnerie lourde

Besson welds are recognised by decision-makers and experts all over the world for their ultra-high safety and technical control. Besson has a significant contract welding activity. Customers bring their parts to be welded and Besson welds them in a record time.

Besson spécialiste de la chaudronnerie lourde
NDT and DT tests

Besson carries out NDT tests to guarantee the reliability of its welds. In some cases (pilot construction) Besson will carry out destructive tests to calculate load limits. This service is also proposed to customers on their internally produced welds or welds carried out by other contractors. In all cases, Besson issues a certificate and an NDT or DT report.